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How it works?

Create a Grocery List on Santhe App

Create a List

Easily create a shopping list and add items to it

Send Grocery List to Supermarkets and Grocery Stores Near Me Via Santhe App

Send to Shops

Your grocery list will be sent to local grocery shops and supermarkets near you

Cheap Grocery Deals from Grocery Stores Near me

Accept offer

Compare deals from local grocery stores and accept the best deal

Choose form variety of Grocery products from Product Catalog and Create a Grocery List on Santhe App

Creating a Shopping List

You can create a shopping list in few easy steps
  • Give a name to your list
  • Search for items or browser the product catalog
  • Choose the quantity and units
  • Make sure to add your brand preferences
  • Optionally you can also add your custom items

Santhe Grocery product catalog allows your to choose for items from the following categories Rice & Grains, Dal & Pulses, Atta & Flours, Salt & Sugar, Spices, Masalas, Oil & Ghee, Coffee & Tea, Milk & Dairy, Accompaniments, Eggs, Meat & Fish, Baking Essentials, Breakfast, Ready to cook, Ready to Eat, Personal Care, Health Care, Home Care, Vegetables, Fruits, Bread & Biscuits, Sweets, Munchies, Dry Fruits & Nuts, Beverages and Baby Care. Many more categories will be added on demand basis.

Sending List to Shops

Once your list is ready send it to local grocery shops and supermarkets
  • List will be sent to local grocery stores and supermarkets in Santhe
  • Make sure to send a list of more than 3 items to get good response
  • Once a list is sent you cannot modify it
  • If the local grocery stores make an offer, they will be made available with your contact details for clarifications
  • You will receive a notification when an offer is received

Local grocery shops and supermarkets on Santhe App will be notified when you send a grocery shopping list to them. The shops and supermarkets can then add their prices and make an offer to you so that you can compare and choose the best offer for your grocery purchases.

Send Grocery List to Supermarkets and Grocery Stores Near Me Via Santhe App
Cheap Grocery Deals and Offers from Supermarkets and Grocery Stores Near Me

Accepting an Offer

Best prices from local grocery Stores and Supermarkets
  • Once notification is received, open Santhe App
  • Compare different offers from the local grocery shops and supermarkets
  • Choose the one that is best for you
  • Chat with or Call the shop for clarifications
  • Pay and get your grocery items delivered

As and when offers are made available, you will be notified by the Santhe App. Compare and choose best deal and save big on your grocery expenses. All this, while supporting your local grocery shops, kirana stores and local businesses.

See it in Action

Watch the above video to learn how to use the Santhe App.
Get best Grocery Deals from Local Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

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