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Browse through your local shops

Search for your items from local shops
  • Open your Santhe App and go to the Home Screen
  • You will see a list of shops in that deliver to your address
  • Search for the items to see that shops that sell them
  • Go through the product pages to compare prices

Shops on Santhe can now create a product catalog that allows you to choose for items from the following categories Rice & Grains, Dal & Pulses, Atta & Flours, Salt & Sugar, Spices, Masalas, Oil & Ghee, Coffee & Tea, Milk & Dairy, Accompaniments, Eggs, Meat & Fish, Baking Essentials, Breakfast, Ready to cook, Ready to Eat, Personal Care, Health Care, Home Care, Vegetables, Fruits, Bread & Biscuits, Sweets, Munchies, Dry Fruits & Nuts, Beverages and Baby Care. Many more categories will be added on demand basis.

Add to cart and checkout

Once you have compared Prices, just add your items to the cart
  • Add the items you need to the cart
  • Cart is specific to a shop
  • Once items are added, go ahead and checkout
  • On checkout, you will be asked to verify the details
  • Once you verify the details, proceed to payment

Local grocery shops and supermarkets on Santhe App will be notified when place and order with them. The shops and supermarkets can then work on your order and reach out to you to arrange for the delivery of the products. Most shops would do home delivery, but please be aware that some shops would not do home delivery and might expect you to pick up your order yourself.

Buy Local and Save

Best prices from local grocery Stores and Supermarkets
  • With Santhe App, you can easily compare prices across several shops
  • You can choose whom to buy from
  • You can place orders with multiple shops
  • You will always save when you buy from local shops on Santhe App

When you buy from your local shops, you are assured that you have gotten the best price and at the same time, you can be proud that you have supported your local shops to thrive and help them grow their business.

Get best Grocery Deals from Local Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

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