Recently while checking out for the grocery deals and offers landscape online stumbled upon some of the search results on Google which caught my attention. I am sure you would have also searched on google as “Cheap Grocery”, “Daily grocery deals” or “1 Rupee Grocery” etc. In such searches you would have come across search results from some of the big established ecommerce giants who are promising to sell you groceries for a mere 1 rupee if you buy immediately on that day. Aren’t these grocery deals and offers just so exciting and one would surely want to take advantage of such throw away prices and want to buy all their groceries immediately for less than 100 Rupees. Sounds like such a dream come true, made possible by many established big ecommerce companies in India. Well, it’s too good to be true, so, we did a reality check.

On clicking on one of those links that came up on the google search results, I was of course taken to the landing pages on these popular ecommerce websites wherein you can see a list of their offers. One of the Indian home-grown ecommerce giants, has this experience built into their website such that on their landing page you can see a list of their offerings which are priced as Rs 1 and you can start adding them to the cart. But, when you get to the cart, all of a sudden you see a different price. For example, I added a small pack of “Almonds Roasted and Salted”, for which the price was shown as 1 Rupee, but when I added that item to the cart and ended up in the cart, the price now was Rs 20 and not Rs 1 as advertised. Furthermore, there was an additional delivery charge of Rs 50. So, in effect the they lured me to pay Rs 70 by saying that they are offering groceries for as cheap as Rs 1.

The experience with the other international ecommerce giant, which has a strong presence in India is equally worse.  Once you click on a link in Google search results that says “1 Rupee Offer Today Grocery”, there is not even a single product listed on that page that has the price as Rs 1. In way they are at least better than the former ecommerce giant and not revealing the true prices only when you get to the shopping cart after adding the items to the cart.

In summary the cheap 1 Rupee Grocery deals that are advertised by the big ecommerce giants are nothing but scams. They lure you to their website with such bold claims that doesn’t even make economic sense and then you end up paying them more than what you had initially anticipated. As the famous takeaway of economics says “”There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”, there are no such things as 1 rupee grocery deals and offers.

In addition to giving such a bad user experience and luring the customers and users to their websites, these large established ecommerce giants are also disrupting and hurting the business of many small local grocery stores, Kirana shops and supermarkets. The local grocery stores and supermarkets are always true to their words and are built and operate on the basic natural principles of economics. They are also adapting to the competitive landscape of the groceries market and are offering grocery deals, offers and discounts which are realistic and sets right expectations with customers.

Santhe supports the local businesses like local grocery stores, supermarkets and Kirana stores via a unique user interaction model. Santhe Apps are built such that the customers can create and manage their grocery shopping list on the Santhe Customer App and when ready to buy groceries they can easily send the grocery shopping list to the local grocery stores and supermarkets. The local grocery stores and supermarkets can then access the grocery list via the Santhe Merchant App and add prices and make their best offer to that entire grocery list. Once the grocery deals and offers are available from local grocery stores and supermarkets, the customers can easily compare the different grocery deals and then select the best deal they like. Thus, the customers can now compare the grocery deals and prices and choose the best deal and the local grocery stores and supermarkets have an opportunity to participate in the online commerce, creating a win-win situation.

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