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The recent entry of many new players in the basic essential market, such as groceries, fresh meat, and pharmacies, has greatly affected local grocery stores, known as Kirana stores, shops, and retail merchants in India. These new players include both those taking advantage of the growing trend of online shopping and those established organizations entering the organized retail sector with large super and hypermarkets.

As a result, local grocery stores and retail shops have lost a significant portion of their market share due to changes in customer behavior and market segmentation.

Besides causing problems for small local stores and businesses, the marketing and sales strategies of these new companies have created a situation where customers are uncertain about whether they are getting the best prices and deals for their groceries. Not only is the pricing confusing, but the presence of numerous new large supermarkets and hypermarkets is also encouraging irresponsible consumer behavior. This behavior leads customers to purchase items they don’t actually need, which further depletes the earth’s resources and negatively impacts the environment.

These new changes in the market have brought us together to create Santhe. We are a group of people who believe in supporting the local economy using our Santhe platform. We have developed a platform that connects local businesses with local customers to help the local economy grow. The Apps are designed to be very easy for both the businesses and customers to use. We strongly believe that our platform helps local businesses thrive online and also gives customers clear pricing information, creating a situation where everyone wins. By keeping the economy local, we also reduce the carbon emissions from delivering essential products and encourage responsible consumerism, which helps the planet.

Local retail and grocery shops like provision stores, general stores, Kirana stores, departmental stores, medical stores, local supermarkets, pharmacy, minimarts, fresh fruits and vegetable stores, chicken and mutton shops etc can easily take their business online in less than 10 minutes by creating their profile on Santhe Merchant App. They can also create a product catalog on Santhe Merchant App and start selling online immediately.

Local customers can use the Santhe App for customers to look at their nearby shops. On the home page, customers can see all the local shops that can deliver to their address. After that, they can search for products and compare prices from different shops. Customers can simply add the products they want to their shopping cart. When they are ready, they can easily proceed to checkout and make a payment to complete their order. The merchants will receive a notification to deliver the order.

Thus Santhe aims to create a win win situation for local customers and local shops to thrive in the era of the online commerce and get the best value.

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