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The recent advent of many new players into the basic essentials market like groceries, fresh meat, pharmacies etc have been strongly disrupting the local grocery stores aka Kirana stores, shops and retail merchants in India. The new players into these segments range from those who are leveraging the growing wave of ecommerce and quick commerce to those established organisations who are entering organised retail segment with large chains of super and hypermarkets. This has resulted in the local grocery stores and retail shops losing significant portion of their market share as new customer behaviours and segmentations are being defined.

Besides disrupting local shops and merchants, the marketing and sales tactics of these new entrants has led to a situation wherein the customers are not sure if they are getting best prices and deals for their groceries. In addition to the opacity of the pricing, the lure of many new large super and hypermarkets is also promoting irresponsible consumer behaviour wherein customers end up buying things they would not need, which accelerates the resource depletion of the planet and hence impacting the environment negatively.

These new market dynamics has brought us together to build Santhe. We are a team of individuals who believe in supporting the local economy via our Santhe platform. We have created a platform that connects local merchants with local customers while retaining the competitive traits of the market via an anonymous bidding mechanism. The Apps are designed such that they are very easy to use for both the merchants and customers alike. We strongly believe that our platform empowers local merchants to grow their business via online channel and at the same time the bidding mechanism provides the price transparency for the customers thus creating a win-win situation. Keeping the economy local also leads to lower carbon footprint of distribution of essentials’ products and promotes responsible consumerism leading to a better planet.

We have built a unique user flow via our Apps such that, the customers can use the Santhe app to send their grocery list to local grocery stores, the grocery stores can then in return add prices to the items in the list and make an offer or deal via the Santhe Merchant app. Once the grocery deals are available, the customers can then choose the deal that works best for them. On accepting a Grocery deal, the local grocery shop merchant can then connect with the customer for any clarification and follow up on payment and delivery of groceries.

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