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Taking a stroll around your home in one of the major metros in India like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad or Chennai, you can easily witness the range of local grocery stores in the form of Kirana shops, general stores, provision stores, rice traders, wholesale dealers, min market, supermarket etc. All of these local grocery stores mostly sell the same range of products, but at different prices and different discounts. This is what makes a simple act of buying groceries challenging, because you are left wondering if you are getting best deals for all your monthly grocery purchases.

As our research says, most of the consumers in India are falling into the category of planned and organized grocery buyers, who are writing down a list of groceries on a piece of paper and buying their groceries at certain regular intervals like weekly, bi weekly or even monthly. When they are ready to buy, these customers would typically go to their usual super market or mini market or just send the list to their regular grocery store via WhatsApp and get the products delivered home and pay them in cash or via UPI. These days some of these consumers are even trying out the online commerce and quick commerce retailers.

If you are one of these customers, you would have surely wondered if you are really getting the best prices/deals for all the items in your usual grocery shopping list. Sure, you can go and compare the prices of each item online from online vendors, but it is highly impossible to do so when you wish to compare prices from the local shops. It becomes much more challenging to compare the prices of all items in your grocery list at once. This is where you can avail the service provided by the Santhe via their mobile Apps.

Instead of writing down your groceries list on a piece of paper, you can easily write the list of groceries on Santhe App in digital format. You can add the items from the catalog or just add a custom item. You can even upload your custom pictures to the items you add to your shopping list. When you have your shopping list fully ready, just send that list to the local grocery shops and supermarkets in your locality by using the “Send to Shops” button. Santhe App will send the shopping list to all the local grocery stores and supermarkets near your address. These local grocery stores and supermarkets will then make you an offer for your entire shopping list. Once offers are available, you will get a notification from the system. Just open the App and now you can compare offers from different shops for all your items. Now, you can choose the best offer that you like. Once you accept the best offer, you and the grocery store that made the offer will be connected with each other so that you can discuss the details of how and when the products will be delivered and how to make the payment. There you go, now you have an opportunity to compare the prices and choose the best deal.

Sure, Santhe App gives you an opportunity to compare prices for your entire grocery list, but here are few more reasons why you should use Santhe App.

● Buying Local is good for the planet

● Best prices are guaranteed, hence you Save money on your groceries

● You support local economy by buying from local grocery stores and supermarkets

● Buying local fosters local community

Use Santhe Apps to get best prices and support local grocery stores and supermarkets nearby. You can easily download, install and register on the Free Santhe App using the below links.

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