Add Products and Create Product Catalog on Santhe Merchant App

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Learn How to add products and create a product catalog on Santhe Merchant App

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Add Products and Create Product Catalog on Santhe Merchant App

Santhe Merchant App gives you the tools and power to take your business online in less than 10 minutes. Santhe Merchant App is envisioned to support local economy by enabling local shops like grocery shop, provision store, departmental store, general store, minimart, local supermarket, stationery store, fruits and vegetables shops, chicken and mutton shops etc to easily take their business online, sell more and earn more profits. By selling online on Santhe Merchant App, you can expand your business growth in this highly competitive world of e-commerce and quick commerce.

To start selling online on Santhe Merchant App, your first step is to download and install the Santhe Merchant App from Google Play using the below download button.

Download Santhe App on Google Play

After you have successfully downloaded the app, Install the app and create your shop profile in few minutes by following the instructions as mentioned in the following page: Install and Register on Santhe Merchant App

After creating your shop profile , follow below steps to add products to your product catalog so that you can start selling to your customers online.

Begin adding items by tapping on the “+” symbol found on the catalog screen for products.

1. Select Category

  • Choose the right category for the item you are adding.
  • If there isn’t a category that fits well in the list, please select “Other”.

2. Add Name and Description

  • Add appropriate name and description of the product
  • Please highlight the brand name and provide any important details about quantity or packaging.

3. Enter Quantity and Stock

  • Quantity is often set using units such as kilograms, grams, liters, packs, individual items, or dozens.
  • The stock represents the quantity of items that are currently available in your store.

4. Configure Product Prices

  • You have to enter both the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) and the offer price.
  • The MRP is the price that is usually shown on the product, and the offer price is the price you agree to sell the product for.
  • Adding a lower “Offer Price” might make it more appealing for customers to purchase from you.
  • While you’re adding prices, please also review the calculations that show the Santhe Commission and the share you get when you sell on Santhe.

5. Upload Product Images

  • Upload upto 4 images for your product.
  • You can easily take pictures using the camera feature of your phone or upload pictures from your phone gallery.

6. Delivery Times, Returns and Cancels

  • “Delivery Time” refers to the period during which you will send the product to the customer.
  • “Returnable” and “Return Window” refer to whether you allow customers to return products and, if so, the time frame within which they can do so after receiving the product.
  • “Cancellable”: Shows whether the product can be canceled after the order is made, but before the delivery process begins for the order.

7. Configure the Serviceability range

  • The serviceability range is the distance from your store to which you offer home delivery or allow customers to pick up their orders.
  • Depending on how far you choose, your product will be displayed to customers who are located within that range from your store.

Great! Your product has been successfully added to your list. Now, go ahead and follow steps 1 to 7 again to add more products. Adding more products increases your chances of selling and earning more. Keep up the good work!

Once a customer buys something from your product list, you can manage those purchases in the “Orders” part of the Santhe Merchant App. This is where you can find information about the “Orders” section and the various statuses of the orders:Customer Orders Section on Santhe Merchant App

You can work on customer orders to follow up on delivery and update the delivery status by following simple instructions as described here:How to work with Customer Orders on Santhe Merchant App?

Start selling your products online today with the Santhe App and watch your business thrive. Increase your profits and take your business to the next level by reaching more customers and expanding your growth.