How to Use Santhe Merchant App?

Sell online, Increase profits & Grow your business!

Learn How to take your business online on Santhe Merchant App

Why Sell Online on Santhe Merchant App?

The Santhe Merchant App allows you to quickly bring your shop or retail business online in less than 10 minutes. It’s simple and fast. By using the Santhe Merchant App, you can easily create an online shop for your business and start selling online right away. In today’s e-commerce era, it’s essential to be ready to sell online and beat the competition, and Santhe gives you the ability to do that in just a few minutes. You will only pay a small commission of 5% for the user-friendly platform and features that will help you take your business online.

Start selling your products online today with the Santhe App and watch your business thrive. Increase your profits and take your business to the next level by reaching more customers and expanding your growth.

How to Sell online on Santhe Merchant App?

Selling online on Santhe is really simple and easy. The Santhe App gives you the ability to bring your business online and in turn, it helps you make more money, increase your profits and expand your business. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined below.

  • Register on Santhe Merchant App
  • Add products to your product catalog
  • Tell your customers that you are on Santhe
  • Deliver orders when customer buys from you via Santhe App

In the next parts, you will find a short description and a web link to detailed video tutorials on how to use the Santhe Merchant App.

Install and Register

  • Download the App from Google Play
  • Install and allow notifications
  • login with phone number and OTP
  • Create shop profile
  • Configure delivery settings
  • Add payment details
Install Santhe Merchant App and Register

Add Products to Product Catalog

Add products to product catalog on Santhe Merchant App
  • Add product name, description and quantity
  • Configure product price
  • Upload product images
  • Configure delivery time, returns and cancel options
  • Set the serviceability range

Deliver Orders and Update in the App

  • Look out for notifications for orders
  • Go to orders section to view order and customer details
  • Contact customer
  • Update delivery status for each item in order
  • Mark the item as delivered once delivery completed
Deliver Customer Orders and update status on Santhe Merchant App

Orders Section and Order Status

Orders Section and Statuses on Santhe Merchant App

Orders section in the Santhe Merchant App shows you all the orders you received from customers. In this section you can view the orders grouped by different statuses as follows.

  • New Orders
  • In Delivery
  • Delivered
  • Cancelled
  • Returns