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Updating Customer Orders on Santhe Merchant App

Santhe Merchant App gives you the tools and power to take your business online in less than 10 minutes. Santhe Merchant App is envisioned to support local economy by enabling local shops like grocery shop, provision store, departmental store, general store, minimart, local supermarket, stationery store, fruits and vegetables shops, chicken and mutton shops etc to easily take their business online, sell more and earn more profits. By selling online on Santhe Merchant App, you can expand your business growth in this highly competitive world of e-commerce and quick commerce.

To start selling online on Santhe Merchant App, your first step is to download and install the Santhe Merchant App from Google Play using the below download button.

Download Santhe App on Google Play

After you have successfully downloaded the app, Install the app and create your shop profile in few minutes by following the instructions as mentioned in the following page: Install and Register on Santhe Merchant App

Once you’ve made your shop profile on the Santhe Merchant App, the next thing to do is create your product catalog. This will allow you to sell online and make more money to increase your profits. To add products to your catalog, just follow the easy instructions on the following page. How to Add products on Santhe Merchant App?

Once you have created a product catalog on the Santhe Merchant App, you are ready to sell your products to customers online via Santhe App. Your customers can place orders, and here is what happens when an order is placed.

  1. A notification will let you know that a new order is placed by a customer. Make sure to keep your notifications enabled for the Santhe Merchant App on your phone.
  2. Go to the order details to see the list of items and the details of the customer who placed the order. If you are delivering the items to the customer’s home, you should begin packing the items and preparing the order for delivery. You can update the delivery status on the app by tapping the “Start Delivery” button. Make sure to update the status for each item. If you don’t provide home delivery and the customer is picking up the order from your shop, you still need to update the order status in the system.
  3. If you have delivered the order items to the customer or if the customer picked up the order items from your shop, then change the status to “Delivered” in the app. The money for the order will only be deposited into your account for orders that have been delivered. Therefore, it’s important to always update the delivery status once you have completed delivering the order.

To learn more about the “Orders” section of the Santhe Merchant App, check out the descriptions and instructions on the following page: Customer Orders Section on Santhe Merchant App

Start selling your products online today with the Santhe App and watch your business thrive. Increase your profits and take your business to the next level by reaching more customers and expanding your growth.