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Learn How to install and create a Shop profile on Santhe Merchant App

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Register and create shop profile on Santhe Merchant App

Santhe Merchant App gives you the tools and power to take your business online in less than 10 minutes. Santhe Merchant App is envisioned to support local economy by enabling local shops like grocery shop, provision store, departmental store, general store, minimart, local supermarket, stationery store, fruits and vegetables shops, chicken and mutton shops etc to easily take their business online, sell more and earn more profits. By selling online on Santhe Merchant App, you can expand your business growth in this highly competitive world of e-commerce and quick commerce.

To start selling online on Santhe Merchant App, your first step is to download and install the Santhe Merchant App from Google Play using the below download button.

Download Santhe App on Google Play

Once the app is downloaded, follow the below steps to complete the installation and registration.

  1. Please install the application and remember to turn on notifications. This way, we can notify you about any important updates regarding customer orders.
  2. Login with your phone number and OTP
  3. If you are new to using the App, all you have to do is make your shop profile by entering your shop name, description, email, and address. Additionally, set up your delivery preferences by selecting whether you will offer “Home delivery” or not, setting the minimum order amount for free home delivery, and the charges for deliveries below the minimum order amount. If you are already a user, you can easily change your profile information by going to the menu options.
  4. Enter your payment information. Your payment information is necessary in order to transfer funds to you when a customer purchases your products.
  5. Now that your profile is set up, the next thing to do is to begin adding products to your product catalog on the Santhe Merchant App.

You can easily add products to your product catalog by following simple instructions as mentioned in the page: How to Add products on Santhe Merchant App?

Once a customer buys something from your product list, you can manage those purchases in the “Orders” part of the Santhe Merchant App. This is where you can find information about the “Orders” section and the various statuses of the orders: Customer Orders Section on Santhe Merchant App

You can work on customer orders to follow up on delivery and update the delivery status by following simple instructions as described here: How to work with Customer Orders on Santhe Merchant App?

Start selling your products online today with the Santhe App and watch your business thrive. Increase your profits and take your business to the next level by reaching more customers and expanding your growth.