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The Grocery market in India is getting heavily crowded in the recent past and in its current form it mainly comprises of the following key players.

  • Local Kirana stores or Grocery retail shops or retail merchants, generally grouped under the unorganised retail sector, occupying around 83% to 85% of market share and facing strong competition from other players
  • The organised sector, comprising of large established retail chains and hyper markets, occupying around 12% to 14% of the market
  • The ecommerce players comprising around 2% to 1% of the market share
  • The new players with the new buzzword “quick commerce” are also gaining momentum and their share of the market is yet to assessed

As one can see from above, the race to acquire market share amongst the above key players has led to a situation wherein, the consumers are bombarded with many confusing discounts and offers for the grocery products which are often times confusing.

It is a very less-known fact that the Maximum Retail Prices (MRP) that are printed on the product’s packaging are as the name suggests the maximum price a retailer can charge for that product which is inclusive of the retailer profit margins and taxes if any. This means, the retailers; be it the Kirana stores, grocery stores, mini markets, supermarkets, general retail stores or the even online ecommerce and quick commerce players always have the option to decide what is the price that they can charge on the products they sell. Depending their operational setup and their cost structure, these grocery retailers can choose to offer discounts or deals on various products, be it packaged commodities or the non-packaged ones.

As grocery market is getting competitive, various players are offering discounts, offers and deals on the same products which vary from retailer to retailer. Once can see that a product, let’s call it product A, is offered at a 15% discount in the supermarket A and no discount at the hypermarket B, but is offered a 25% discount as a deal with a complementary product by an ecommerce retailer C. However, for a different product, let’s call it product B, the supermarket A offers 10% discount, the hyper market B offers 30% discount and the ecommerce retailer offers a mere 5% discount. This is where it gets confusing to the consumers as they are not sure if they are better off buying all their groceries from supermarket A or hypermarket B or from the ecommerce retailer C as they offer different pricing for the same product.

Although a consumer/customer can compare the price of one product across different retail players, it is highly challenging to compare prices for all the items in their regular grocery shopping list across different players. This is where in the Santhe App comes handy. Using the Free Santhe App, the customers or consumers can easily create and manage their grocery shopping lists. And, whenever the customers are ready to make their purchase, they can simply send their shopping list to the local Grocery stores or Kirana stores and Supermarkets in their locality who are registered on the Santhe Merchant App. These local Grocery stores or Kirana stores and Supermarkets can then add their prices to the items in the customers’ shopping lists and make their best offer using the free Santhe Merchant App. The customers can now easily compare all the offers or bids made by various grocery stores and supermarkets in their locality for their entire shopping list and choose to accept the offer that is best for them. Thus, the customers now have the much need transparency on the grocery prices and hence a better control over their monthly grocery expenses.

If you a customer who is worried about the lack of transparency around the prices you pay for your groceries and is looking to get the best deals for your groceries to better manage your monthly groceries expenses, then the Free Santhe App is for you. Use the free Santhe app now to get best deals for your groceries, while supporting local economy by buying from local Kirana stores, grocery shops and supermarkets. You can easily download and install the FREE Santhe App using the below links.


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