Grocery shopping is a fundamental part of life, with most households spending an average of 5-10% of their total income on food and other supplies. While groceries expenses can quickly increase if unchecked, there are ways to reduce the amount spent at local grocery stores and supermarkets. From making a shopping list to taking advantage of store deals, you can lower the amount spent on groceries and save money. Even though it is perceived that the grocery stores and supermarkets near you are selling groceries usually at MRP (Maximum Retail Price), this is not always true. If you are wondering “How to get grocery deals from grocery stores near me?”, then we have the following tips for you.

The first step to saving money while buying groceries is to go to the nearby grocery stores, Kirana shops or supermarkets prepared with a grocery shopping list. Working with a budget can help shoppers stick to what is needed rather than impulsively buying items that are not necessary. Developing a grocery list ahead of time allows shoppers to plan out specific items, which structures what needs to be purchased. In addition, having a list stops shoppers from entering the store without a clear goal or purchase in mind. Crafting a Grocery list also aids shoppers in staying on track, as they can quickly verify if they’ve bought everything they need without having to traverse the store multiple times.

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The second approach to saving money is to take advantage of store promotions, coupons and loyalty cards. Grocery stores typically offer promotions on certain items, and shoppers should look out for discounts and other offers. Discounts are particularly common around holidays, and purchases made within promotions reduce the overall expense of groceries. Although most local grocery shops and supermarkets do not openly advertise any discounts and deals, it is always best to ask the store personnel or store managers if there are any active discounts. However, it is important to know that the  traditional grocery market in India is still in its evolutionary stages to adapt technology and approach the customers in an organised way. But, generally the supermarkets are a bit ahead in this trend and generally have flyers and posters about ongoing discounts and offers for the groceries items in their stores.

The third approach to save money is to watch out for all those discounts and offers on grocery delivery apps. However this is mostly the case when you are buying very specific item or only a handful of items, but when it comes to buying a long list of items, it gets very confusing as there are no consistent offers and discounts that these grocery delivery apps provide. Oftentimes, shoppers purchase items that are not part of the original grocery list simply because they get carried away by all the bundling and in app suggestions. Such impulse buys occur more frequently when shoppers are not prepared and end up spending more in the long run. Although grocery delivery apps, do provide opportunities to save on grocery expenses, one should be mindful of what and how much they are buying from these apps.   

Grocery shopping can be a significant expense, but shoppers can save money by using all three of these tips. Besides the afore mentioned three strategies, the grocery shoppers looking out for cheap and best grocery deals can also consider exploring the unique online grocery buying model provided in the Santhe App. Santhe App is the super app for local grocery stores and supermarkets and provides the customers an opportunity to plan their groceries purchase by creating and managing their grocery list. Whenever the customers are ready to make the purchase, they can simply send their grocery list to local grocery shops and supermarkets via the Santhe App. The local grocery stores and supermarkets nearby can then add best prices, discounts etc to send an offer to the entire grocery list via the Santhe Merchant App. Customers can now compare offers from various grocery stores and supermarkets nearby and choose the best grocery deal. By taking advantage of all of these strategies, shoppers can better manage their grocery budget and save money every time.

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